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Wellness Consultations & Sessions

Make wellness your personal practice and business. Life is both a practice of effective relationships and efficient business designed to benefit all. When we take care of all aspects of life and relationships, we have more harmony in our lives.

Clear blocks in communication with yourself, with others in personal and business relations, and achieve clarity of life purpose and benefit humanity.

To fit your goals and wellness needs, please choose the plan that suits you best. All are equally served and achieve greater results than you may imagine. Please note that belief or lack of it has nothing to do with wellness and fitness; after all, it is beliefs that have kept people functioning in lesser capacity.

Wellness is more than physical integrity.

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Issues may be physical or emotional, mental or spiritual. Please know that one issue may be related to another as we remove layers to get to root cause. Any plan you choose will bring you desired results.

The work is deep, thorough, and effective in removing limitations and motivating you to be more yourself. If a symptom or issue returns, it is usually another cause that reveals itself. The body is an intelligence that is also mysterious. This method of intuitive knowing clears both cause and symptom.

Plan A — 27 minutes @ 127 USD

This session includes in-depth corrections for up to 3 issues that you need worked on. The work is deep, thorough, and quick. You will see, feel, and experience a difference in your life and your perception. Since the work is fast, we still probe deeply to uncover and resolve areas of stress.


Plan B — 40 minutes @ 180 USD

This session will focus on 4-5 issues. As always, corrections are in-depth and you will see profound shift in your life and perception. I work fast to give you maximum benefit, and others connected to you also receive the benefits of this integrative process.

Plan C — 55 minutes @ 250 USD

This session will focus on in-depth corrections for 5-7 issues. Corrections will lead to a profound shift in your wellness, perceptions and choices. As always, corrections are in-depth and you will see profound shift in your life and perception. I work fast to give you maximum benefit, and others (friends and relatives) connected with you are also helped as the work integrates/clears internal and external influences.


Plan D — 55 minutes + 20-minute follow-up @ 350 USD

This session will focus on in-depth corrections for 5-6 issues plus a follow-up to clear any remaining related issues that may arise. As you have experienced, the work is effective and brings quick results. The more you practice the faster you clear old issues so you can have greater success in all areas of your life. Again, the work is integrative and efficient as the intuitive self probes to uncover and clear what you do not need any more. The follow-up can be used for issues that arise as earlier ones are cleared (for healing can be multi-layered, but you may also choose to use it for something or someone else.


Plan E — 55 minutes @ 450 USD

Corrections can be made on existing businesses or those starting up on organizational aspects that you feel are not coming together. Again, a business is an entity that is multi-dimensional and inter-relational, which also is affected by internal and external influences. To maintain a strong effective efficiently working system, weaknesses must be corrected. If you wish to work on developing a business concept, we can also strengthen and provide feedback with name, logo design, colors, et al.


Most Sessions Are Conducted by Telephone. Please subscribe to an inexpensive long distance service.

For SKYPE users, please use a really good microphone.

To schedule your appointment, please e-mail in the space provided. Your contact and personal information are kept confidential and never shared with anyone else.

On your email, please specify the date and time you prefer. If your preferred time is not available, I will suggest another time and date.

Once this is arranged, you must register with PAYPAL and make the payment. After you have made the payment, and we have received your order through our website, we will send you a confirmation via e-mail along with details regarding your appointment, such as telephone number to call.

NB: If for some reason, you must re-schedule or cancel your appointment, you must email or call at least 48 hours in advance of the original appointment time.

“To behold beauty is to be beheld by beauty. To be beheld by beauty is to be transformed by the beholding of beauty. To be transformed by the beholding of beauty is to behold the transformation of beauty itself. In the experience of this transformation, we experience freedom, joy, and ecstasy. This freedom, this joy, this ecstasy, is what spirituality means, or what it means to be in communion with Spirit, with God.”
Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, Philosopher-Educator & Dir. Vision In Action, New York