About Me

A Paradigm Beyond Belief…

Self Unfolding—An Ever-Renewing Journey

Who I Am

We are born for a purpose, though it may take time to recognize it. It is comforting to know that every thing we do/have done/are doing/will do is our purpose. So we come to realize the meaning of our lives and why we land up where we do.

I am originally from India and have lived in Los Angeles for over 20 years. I came here following a Masters in English from Delhi University, then graduated in the Comparative Literature program at CSU-Fullerton, California. Since then I have been an educator at Cypress College, and have continued to develop my interests in art, poetry, film, and wellness, a fine meeting point of science, spirituality, and an ecstatic mysticism. These inform my actions and decisions, and I have continued to study/practice various wellness modalities. Furthermore, I find that my education brings me to the place where all disciplines intersect into a glorious whole—this inspires my teaching of various subjects, now energetics and the forming of my own process, IE:IntuitionEnergetics.

I certified as a Yuen Method practitioner in November 2008. The year following was chaotic as old beliefs and patterns I thought were cleared resurfaced to goad me on to further clarification of life purpose and design. It was a period of complete mind-body-spirit transmutation; it was wonderful to experience a re-integration of self-Self and Self-self. Of course, this process of arriving at wholeness never ends, and assisting others brings me great joy.

Yuen Method of wellness has changed lives of many people all over the world. I find it to be exceptionally helpful in my personal and professional life. Not only am I ready and able to benefit people wherever I might be—at a cafe, airport or the supermarket—but also it has had a profound effect on my participation with students in college, where I have been professor of English.

It has been joyful to assist them in areas of academic weakness, whether it be inability to focus or remain motivated. In May 2010, I asked my students to tell me one aspect that bothered them about their work. Listening to them, I realized it was not several but just one single weakness—confusion about organizing. The next morning, I made the change intuitively. When I came to class the next day, I found that each student had all sections of their paper ready and organized. They were each on time and ready for the class. It felt different—they felt changed and they were thrilled by it. So was I. I am grateful to and for them—indeed, they are cherished and a light unfolding.

My success with helping students achieve their goals is leading to creating other programs for them. I see myself as a Purpose Coach and love the changes that happen.

Additionally, chance conversations with friends about their work issues has led to a turn around. A couple but significant changes made in a few seconds has turned around the business of another friend, who is now reaping profits where he had lost in the millions. This, too, comes under the purview of fine-tuning one’s purpose.

Indeed, Yuen Method/IE:IntuitionEnergetics corrects perceptions about limitations, one’s own and those of others, including accumulated effect of those perceptions.

With success in educational and business environments, I have experienced changes also personally with family and friends. Relatives who baulked at energetics now call for sessions and desire to learn.

Truly, we are the center of our universe. When the center is strong, we see the world differently and allow for more good to be manifest, so we may live the way we have always imagined. An energetic/holistic application to life reveals that life is whole, local and global, uniquely singular and communal and ours to create.

An ancient saying in Sanskrit reminds us of our wholeness. The words are “Tat Tvam Asi” and “So Hum!” meaning “You are that, that which I am.” When life is practiced in awareness, we become more aware of that which we are. We self-arise from the Void and return to this state continually, a process of becoming the Self. Living is a practice of the dynamic Self arriving continually.

Indeed, if what we wish to achieve is an understanding and integration of our True Self, of the laws of the universe, and how to be a fully potent human, we are on our way. Each step is the next step.

Before I can take that next step, I offer profound gratitude to my teacher and mentor, Josh Wong, for his kind generous support over several years. His strength, light, and wisdom have walked with me through rough times.

The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.” ~ Khalil Gibran

It is my wish that we gather our gifts and make miracles happen, make worlds come into being in integrity, which is beauty and so serve the world. To achieve this purpose on a daily basis, do read a good poem everyday and call me for consultation.

Thank you.


“Of the elements, how we are happy…!
Where our feet freely touch mud, Earth celebrates her new birth white-yellow flowers here and there

Where soul-sense is heightened with aroma of grass and spirits that carry us away into far and near places….

the temple where we celebrate our mystery is the house we inhabit—….”
~ Taoli-Ambika Talwar in “Moments with the Elements”