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LoginWater1SmPlan A — 27 minutes @ 127 USD

Receive in-depth corrections for up to 3 issues. The work is deep and thorough and you will feel a remarkable difference. All kinds of health concerns are addressed — emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, psychic — as I  practice full spectrum healing.

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The Big Plan — 55 minutes @ 250 USD

This session will focus on in-depth corrections for 5-7 issues. Corrections will lead to a profound shift in your wellness, perceptions and choices. As always, corrections are in-depth and you will see profound shift in your life and perception. Call for any issues around relationships, your ideal life, your purpose local and global, karmic and spiritual trauma clearing and more. I work with you on whatever you are called to correct and change, so you can more easily integrate your love and passion for a life you truly desire to create.



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Because YOU would Love a TASTE of this Profound Process that Brings Quick Results, I am offering quality time together at a Sweet Deal. 50% off my usual price. Click Now to pay and confirm your place. Email me for an appointment:   OR Call: 310-477-9293. The work is often done remotely and is highly effective.