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Author and one-time aerospace engineer, Dr. Kam Yuen of Southern California is the 35th Grandmaster of Shaolin Tai Mantis Kung-Fu. Well-known for his work in the esteemed Kung-Fu TV series, he developed the Yuen Method, a system of optimal energetics.

Dr. Yuen is author of books like Instant Rejuvenation, Instant Pain Elimination and Instant Healing, which show you how to intuitively arrive at answers and clear limiting perceptions. A living legend, Dr. Yuen teaches us to perceive, intuit, and know beyond limiting paradigms for mastery.

For more about Dr. Kam Yuen, visit:

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Find out how poetry is the bridge to new worlds.

Spiral dynamics is an invigorating and effective model of human/social development, one applicable in any field of interest, even wellness. Don Beck’s presentations on spiral dynamics may be found here.

Philosopher/author Yasuhiko Genku Kimura’s inspiring work is on this site:

Martial arts school run by Sifu Ford Edwards (also Yuen student) of Hemet, Ca, offers a variety of classes for the community.

Jean Houston’s Mystery School reminds us of our great traditions and their effectiveness in creating a magnificent future.

ThetahealingTM was developed by Vianna Stibal of Idaho Falls, Idaho. For information on the work, visit:

Polarity Therapy/Cranio-Sacral Unwinding is energetic as well as hands on. Polarity Therapy developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, an osteopath, is based on the principles of Ayurveda. Polarity therapy is a process of reading energy currents and waves, the elements of earth water fire air ether that compose the human system, as well releasing trauma from fascia to bring client back to balance. Results are deep and clarifying. Certified polarity practitioner.

Develop Your Intuition! Be your own Creative Source. Let your genius walk ahead, your light enliven. May we all awaken continually…!

“Appreciation–emotional appreciation, artistic appreciation, appreciation on every level—is an important part of living Wabi Sabi. Appreciation manifests joy. We don’t need to live by some impossible standard to have a joyful, contributive, “enlightened” existence. We don’t need to become someone else or wait until things are “perfect” to appreciate the whole of our lives.”Taro Gold, in Living Wabi Sabi