Yuen Method™

An ever-evolving paradigm to align you with True Self

Demo Class — 90 minutes/ 27.00 USD

This class is an introduction to Dr. Yuen’s work and vision. I will explain with examples how the Yuen Method works. I will demonstrate on 4-5 people and be available for a Q/A. Everyone present gets the benefit of the corrections.

If you would like to set up a demo for your friends (minimum 10 people), please contact me. You will also earn a free 27-minute session.

Intuition becomes increasingly valuable in the new information society precisely because there is so much data.” John Naisbitt


Introductory Classes — Yuen Method

4 hours — 97.00 USD

We go over basic principles of the method and demonstrate on 5-6 people. You will experience instant reduction and elimination of pain, stress/anxiety and understand how to uncover the root causes of the same. (For more information on the modality, please see: )


Level 1 Yuen Method

Investment: 475.00 USD / Review: 300.00 USD

During this two-day class you will learn the basic concepts and techniques of the touch-free Yuen Method™. You will also become proficient at pinpointing the root cause of an issue. You will learn how to eliminate it by simultaneously working with your macro, micro and intrinsic life force energies to remove energetic blocks on all levels of existence at once. Enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being and help others by eliminating energetic blockages from energy systems of the body, mind and spirit. The quantum effects of the Yuen Method™ corrections travel faster than the speed of light to deliver lasting results that are often immediate.


Level 2 Yuen Method

Investment: 475.00 USD / Review: 300.00 USD

Learn more in-depth protocol while we focus on details of the anatomical and physiological systems, interrelated possibilities, and learn to use shortcuts to make instant corrections. Through demos and hands-on practice, you will be able to help your friends and family.

Broaden your vision of how to use this valuable process.

Level 3 Yuen Method

Investment: 500.00 USD / Review: 300.00 USD

In this seminar, you practice a complete mastery of protocol, which includes handling large amounts of corrections and information efficiently. Practice regulating and balancing fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility, rejuvenation, regeneration and more. Also work on reduction of body size, tumors and encapsulations. Resolve illness, habits/patterns and addictions. Learn how to clear and condition skin issues, including infections and rashes.

Also learn how to do corrections for abundance and prosperity, career and relationship issues, and other health and fitness concerns, including aging/slower-aging. Manifest your new life.

NB—If you organize a group of ten or more participants for the Level One class, you earn your participation for FREE.

For more information or to book a lecture/demo, please contact me at email address below.

“All our children are carrying multi-various seeds for the new world—somewhere on the brink of falling apart, it teeters and birds are silent… See the whole world in stillness becoming a beam of joy. Children play in gardens and we here with instruments of desire make seeds from old flowers. Smile with me. This dream worthy of words rearranges cosmos of irises ineluctable as poles shift.”
Taoli-Ambika Talwar, An Excerpt…