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Success = Manage Efficiency * Manifest Excellence

Isn’t it true? Everything you do has a purpose. You wake up, drink your morning beverage, perform your cleansing activities, eat, put on your suit or other work clothes, and drive where you are supposed to be. You fulfill your duties, you return, you spend time with family or friends, you participate in other fitness activities (or not), while also making time for activities of personal growth, be they sports, discussion or creative groups and variety of spiritual practices be they at a socially recognized place of worship or in the lure and mystery of the outdoors. Even if everything you do is your choice, you might feel some times that you are not being fully served; therefore, you are not able to completely participate in giving of yourself. You feel something is lacking or that the effort you put into your life seems to not bear the fruit you desire.

You begin to question your whole existence: purpose, work, relationships, career choices, habits and you begin to feel less fit than before. Your finances may not be in order, and your self-identity may flounder. You doubt your whole existence. Of course, this is not unique to any one person.

All sentient beings endure such passages, knowing there is more in life and desire to transcend limitations of past, present, future conditioning. These are times to be re-aligned and re-invigorated with a renewed purpose, for inspiration comes from within one—sometimes, we need a reminder to stay enlivened, passionate, and enthusiastic.

“Do the thing that you love, that is what I say!”

The Human Purpose Project uses the principles of IE:Intuition-Energetics™ to facilitate your re-alignment with purpose for a fulfilling life.

My workshops demonstrate: 1) how to identify and recognize weaknesses or beliefs in learning or career situations; 2) how to stay motivated despite obstacles; 3) how to address and correct frustrations in work, study, and career choices; 4) how to be finely tuned to your True Self.

While we uncover causes of slow growth, we also highlight: 1) your unique gifts; 2) show you how to actively participate towards your own excellence; 3) how to apply these principles in other areas of life to achieve maximum benefit and to live optimally.

Participation in these workshops will also illustrate how certain language use can be detrimental to your own perception of self and purpose whether in the classroom, in the office, individually or in group situations. You may then manifest/create successes in your life with greater ease and confidence, and difficult situations can become a game where all are winners. Is it not true that we wish to create systems that benefit everyone?

Interactive & Experiential Dialogues:

Groups of 25-30 people:
2.5 hours @ 2,500.00 USD — Rs. 25,000.00

Groups of 31-50 people:
2.5 hours @ 4,500.00 USD — Rs. 45,0000.00


To discuss rates for larger groups, please contact me.

Please make your payment through PAYPAL after opening an account. However, if the session is sponsored by your organization, then payment will be made by them.

“Our minds are finite, and yet even in these circumstances of finitude we are surrounded by possibilities that are infinite, and the purpose of life is to grasp as much as we can out of that infinitude.”
Alfred North Whitehead